Spanish Rojo Garlic in the Winter Months

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How is your Garlic surviving the Winter Months?

2015-01-14 17.30.37So far it’s been a mild winter.  It’s just January and more freezing weather is around the corner.  Our Garlic is surviving just fine.

We’ve had plenty of wet weather and haven’t had to manually water.  There are some dying yellowing leaves, but that is to be expected.

Not doing anything special with the garlic bed.  All the nutrients are in the soil by following our Square Foot Gardening technique.

The actual garlic is doing great and is growing strong. I can’t wait to harvest!  I’m out of my home grown garlic….

Here is a video showing our Spanish Rojo Garlic bed.

I’ll be back in the early spring after most of the winter freezes and show you how well our garlic is growing.

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