Spanish Rojo Garlic in the Spring

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It’s finally Springtime!  The Spanish Rojo Garlic made it through the winter and is doing just great!

Garlic in MarchThe winter wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  We did have some hard freezes, but other than that, it was more of a wet winter with rain.

You can tell we had plenty of good rain because there are tons of Bluebonnets on the highways here in the Texas Hill Country.

Even our Peach trees survived.  This year our early peach tree held it’s blooms and we have little peaches on it.  Our later peach tree also has peaches.

The Spanish Rojo Garlic is looking great.  The green leaves are growing like crazy now that the sunshine is out.  We didn’t have to water at all this winter, because it rained almost once a week and the garden loves nature’s rain water.

Garlic is really easy to care for.  There are no weeds to pull since we use the square foot garden technique.  By using the square foot garden technique, we don’t have to add any fertilizer.  It’s easy, all we do is watch the garlic grow.

Enjoy the video as I show you how well the Garlic is doing and I’ll be back in the early summer with another update.

I’m Ramona Werst,
Your Backyard Genie