Planting Spanish Rojo Garlic

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It’s the middle of October and it’s time to plant Garlic…

Braided Garlic 5 18 2014Last year was our first year to plant Garlic and it was a big success.

So this year we decided to plant more and add growing garlic demonstrations to the What’s Growing in our Edible Garden tab.

I got fancy and braided the garlic bunches and I hang them in the pantry off the kitchen right where I can easily cut off a head of garlic.

I didn’t realize how much garlic I use in my cooking;  This is probably because before I learned how easy it is to mince, I would buy a large jar of minced garlic in oil.  It’s definitely not the same.  Using fresh garlic can really make a recipe pop!  Or as the new catchy phrase is…..’BOOM’.

I have researched and found that there are many different varieties of Garlic.  So then the hard decision, which variety should I choose?

I wanted a nice medium to large head so the cloves would be larger, not too strong, and would hold up to roasting.  My decision, the Spanish Rojo Garlic.  I love it.

Last year we planted about 50 – 60 cloves and I only have a few heads of Garlic left.  This year we are planting approximately 100 cloves and should get up to 100 heads of Garlic!  You can really never have too much and it’s easy to keep.  If you don’t have a lot of shelves or boxes to keep it, just do what I did, braid it and then hang in a corner of my pantry or a closet, except the braid that I am using, I hang in or near the kitchen.  It’s really a nice decor to have a braid of Garlic and a braid of Onions hanging in my kitchen, and the best part is that I grew it in my own garden.

Garlic HolesWe use the Square Foot Garden method.  It’s not only easy to plant and know that the Garlic is spaced properly, but we don’t have to feed or do anything all the growing season except water.

The soil is full of nutrients, compost and earth worms.  The newly planted garlic loves the garden and next spring or early summer the harvest will be bountiful.

We have our Garlic Garden divided into 12″ squares and use a drip irrigation system.  This makes it so easy to care for because in the cold I don’t have to stand and water, just turn on the valve and then turn off.

BackYardGenie_MeasuredSpadeWebI use our Backyard Genie planting trowel that is marked in different depth increments.

This makes is very easy to dig 3″ deep.  I add approximately a small handful of Worm Castings (This is a series of an interview I did all about the benefits of Worm Castings), then the garlic clove bottom down and pointy part up, then cover with approximately 2″ of the soil.

I also just plant 4 cloves per square in the 4 corners and this is perfect spacing for the growing Garlic heads.

Here is a video on Planting the Spanish Rojo Garlic in our Garlic Garden this year.

You can also purchase your very own Backyard Genie 3 Piece Garden Tool Set by clicking on the link.  The set comes in an attractive box and makes a wonderful gift for your Gardening friends.

There won’t be as many weekly updates for Growing Garlic as there were for Tomatoes, because Garlic is so easy and really is happy in our square foot nutritious soil.  I will occasionally update on it’s growing progress, like when it sprouts.

Planting our Garlic,
Ramona Werst,
Your Backyard Genie