Dried Tomatoes using a Dehydrator

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Dehydrate tomatoes to use later

dehydrated TomatoesCherry, Grape, and Rainbow Bell Tomatoes are so fun to grow and they can produce a lot of tomatoes.  They ripen very quickly and are so delicious. There are so many delicious recipes to include these little tomatoes in.  Use them in Salads, Marinated, or just enjoy them as a snack. They just keep producing and then when the season is over, you are back to store bought flavorless tomatoes. Now you can enjoy them year round by drying your tasty little tomatoes.  The delicious dried Tomatoes can be used on Pizza, stuffed meats, Frittata’s, or just as a snack.  You will find the flavor is still very rich. There are so many ways to enjoy dried tomatoes…I even chop them up and sprinkle on salads in place of fresh tomatoes. There are several different versions, you can oven roast, bake, or dehydrate them.  When you roast your tomatoes you usually use Olive Oil, which makes the tomatoes moist and they need to be refrigerated and don’t last as long. When you dehydrate them, you can store in an airtight container or vacuum seal the smaller portions.  I like to put them in ziplock bags or vacuum seal them and some I leave on my pantry shelf while others I freeze.  They last a very long time.  I don’t know exactly how long, because I end up using them up within just a few months.

Dried Tomatoes

Cherry, Grape, Rainbow Bell, or any other small Tomato variety, washed and sliced crosswise about 1/4″ thick Tomatoes to be dehydratedPlace on the dehydrator sheet in a single layer. Follow the directions for dehydrating your tomatoes as per your Dehydrator’s instructions.  For my Dehydrator, I set the temperature at 350F degrees and the time for 8 hours. At about 6 hours, I start checking the tomatoes and once they are completely dried, I turn off the unit and let it cool down, approximately 2 hours. Remove the Tomato Slices and package.