BLT Sandwich with Caro Rich Tomato

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Special BLT Sandwich with Caro Rich Tomato

BLT with Caro Tomato


Thick Bacon (approximately 6 slices per sandwiches, cut in half)
Caro Rich Tomato (1) 1/4″ slice per sandwich (may vary, you may need 2 slices)
Romain Lettuce (1 large leaf to fit sandwich)
Avocado, sliced
Jalapeño Mayonnaise (seed and quarter fresh Jalapeños, add to a small food processor and puree.  Add mayonnaise until the flavor is to your liking)
2 slices Whole Wheat Bread per sandwich

To Assemble BLT:

Toast the Bread.  Spread Jalapeño Mayonnaise on both slices.  Layer the bacon, avocado, Caro Rich tomato, lettuce on 1 slice of the toast.  Place the other slice of toast on top and cut in half.