Week 9 Trimming Roma Tomato Plants and First Blooms

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Roma tomatoes showing blooms

Our Roma Tomato Plants love their new home!  They have adjusted and are growing quickly.

There is always work to be done with the young plants.  I don’t think of it as work, I think of it as playing with my tomato plants.  It’s our special time.

I am either picking off bad leaves, trimming the sucker branches, feeding them, or just touching and talking to them.  It’s probably crazy weird gardener stuff, but it does make me feel better.

When you see trails in the leaves, you need to pinch them off.  Note: Don’t discard into the garden or on the ground.  Make sure you put them in your compost pile.  You don’t want to leave them around your plants to spread the pests or disease.

Also, you will always be adding ties to support the tomato plants to taller bamboo stakes.  You can pinch off the tops of the plants if they are getting too tall and this will cause them to bush out.  I allow them to grow to about 4′ then start pinching them off.  They will be a little top heavy and this is why you want to give them extra support.

If I’m not trimming or pinching off leaves, I brush my hand against the tomato plants.  They like the vibration of a touch.

I also talk to them and tell them how beautiful they are.  They are living plants and I think they respond to a nice touch and compliments!

I’m always feeding my tomato plants something new and exciting.  My husband can tell you that I feed all my animals and him included, all the time. lol

Tomato plants are like my pets, if I treat them well, then they will produce big, beautiful and delicious tomatoes!

This week I am seeing my first blooms.  The weather is still cool in the evenings and this is important so the blooms will set.  Here is south Texas, 100 degree days are just around the corner.

I have lots of flowers in my flower gardens to encourage bees.  They are necessary to pollinate the blooms so they will produce the tomatoes.  So far I am very lucky to be successful in this happening.

After they start producing, as it gets hot in the summer, they should still produce tomatoes.

Here is this weeks video.  You will notice how tidy my Roma Tomato garden is.  I really do fuss a lot.  But why not?  I love being in my garden.

Next week I’m having a Tea Party.  It’s going to be a Composting Tea Party.  You will need:  Worm Castings, Medina Liquid Fish Blend, a gallon jug, water and a cup to give your tomato plants tea!

Send an invitation to your Roma Tomato Plants, we’re going to have a Composting Tea Party,
Ramona Werst
Your Backyard Genie