Week 8 Transplanting Roma Tomato Plants into the Garden

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Transplanting Roma Tomatoes

The day is here to transplant the Roma Tomato Plants into the Garden!  This is an exciting day.

I have shown you how to Build a Raised Garden Bed in the previous week.  In this video you will see how we converted our Raised Garden Bed into a perfect Tomato Garden Bed.

There are a couple of important things you need to make sure you do for your Raised Bed, and if you do these things, you will be able to garden in this bed for years to come.

  • Make sure you use untreated Cedar lumber (chemically treated wood will seep into your garden)
  • Line the bottom of the bed with landscape fabric (to prevent weeds from growing through)
  • Fill 1/2 of the bed with good Compost Soil that has no weed seeds
  • Top with Lady Bug Square Foot Garden Soil, or obtain a good composted soil from your garden center or soil supply.
  • When removing old plants, fill the hole with new compost soil as recommended in the square foot gardening method by Mel Bartholomew.  This techinque ensures soil replinishment with ‘the good stuff’ and your garden soil will always be fresh and good to grow.

I have added PVC piping as our stabilizer or tomato supports.  You can use 1 x 1 lumber, bamboo stakes, or whatever you have just laying around to use.  I try to recycle supplies that we already have.

Use bamboo stakes to go crosswise on the PVC pipe to separate the individual tomato plants and to give them more stabilization and support when they have tomatoes.

After I dig the hole for the tomato plant, I add worm castings in the bottom of the hole.  This will help give nutrition to the roots, and help with any shock the plants might have.

I have talked a lot about Worm Castings.  I really want to stress the importance of using worm castings for the health of your Tomato Plants.  Your garden will attract worms, but they can’t produce enough worm castings fast enough in a new bed.  Worm castings are very organic and give the roots and the tomato plant a great immune system.

I plant companion plants around the edge of the Tomato Garden.  Generally I plant Basil plants.  Basil plants are a very good companion plant because they keep away some of the pests that can eat away at your Tomato plant.  And also can add just a little flavor to your tomatoes.  (I’m not sure if this is a myth, but I do know they keep some pests away!)

I also plant Calendula Dawn (a cousin to Marigold flower).  This helps keep other little critters away because they don’t like the strong aroma.  (Possible another myth, they will keep snakes away too because of the strong aroma.)

Here is the video to show you how I transplant the Roma Tomatoes into the garden and add Basil Plants and Calendula Dawn to the bed.  I also talk more about preparing the Raised Garden Bed.

Next week I will show you how to trim your Roma Tomato Plants, getting rid of unnecessary leaves and sucker stems so more nutrition can go to the young Tomatoes.  You will need some trimming shears or Garden Utility Scissors.

Our Tomatoes are in their new home and are so happy,
Ramona Werst
Your Backyard Genie