Week 7 Feeding Blood Meal to Roma Tomato Plants and Building a Raised Garden Bed

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Feeding Roma tomatoes

We have a lot to do this week!  We need to first feed our blooming Roma Tomato Plants, and then we’ll build our Raised Garden Bed to be ready to transplant our tomato plants into next week.

It’s exciting to see our first blooms.  Don’t worry about them still in their container pots, they’ll be fine.  It’s important to feed them so the blooms will stay on the plant.  Hopefully it’s still cool enough at night so the blooms will set and warm enough during the day so the bees will do their job and pollinate the plants.

I make a weak mixture of Blood Meal and water to feed to the young Roma Tomato plants.  I want to create more luscious green foliage so when we transplant the plants into the garden and as the little pests start munching on the leaves, I can pinch off the bad leaves and have plenty for the plant.

The down side to feeding blood meal is that it gives a boost of nitrogen to the soil and if you feed too much, it will burn the plants leaves.  So use very sparingly.

There are pros and cons to wanting more green foliage.  Some say this doesn’t help the productivity of the fruit and that it will attract more pests and disease to the plants.  My theory is that more green foliage increases the photosynthesis process and this will make the plant stronger and produce more fruit (tomatoes!).  Since we are growing the tomato plants organically, pests are natural.  We can limit the diseases by making sure our plant’s system is strong and this is why we use a lot of Worm Castings.  We can combat the pests with dish soap and water…and in a video I will go hornworm hunting (this is similar to snipe hunting, but we’ll actually be gathering hornworms for my chickens).

I use an organic Blood Meal product and in a cup, add 1 teaspoon Blood Meal and fill with water.  You need to keep stirring the mixture or all of the Blood Meal will collect on the bottom.  I pour 1/3 of the mixture on the top of the pots soil, instead of using our wicking method.

You can purchase your Bloodmeal:

Here is the video I have created to show Feeding Blood Meal to your Young Roma Tomato Plants:


Next week, we’ll be planting our Roma Tomato Plants into our Raised Garden Bed.  You will need to make sure you have a Raised Garden Bed, or that your existing Garden Bed is ready.
Here is how I built my Raised Garden Bed…

We’re getting excited to be relocated into our new permanent home!
Ramona Werst
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