Week 5 – Transplanting Roma Tomato Plants & Worm Castings

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Tomatoes love worm castings

Our little Roma Tomato plants are growing so fast!  They are really beautiful and soon will go into our garden now that Spring is finally here.

I like to transplant them one more time in a larger container so their stems can continue to grow strong.  Just in case it rains or we have heavy winds I can still bring them inside to protect them.

Also, we don’t want the roots to get root bound, and we want to continue to give them good nutrition.  This is why I’m going to not only transplant the young tomato plants into quart sized pots, but add some worm castings too.

Earthworm Castings are what is left behind by worms after they finish digesting the organic matter that makes up their diet.  Composting worms eat animal manures, newspaper, household scraps. The digestive process adds a complete array of biological organisms to the castings.

These organisms include beneficial bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, pseudomonads, plant growth regulators, yeasts, and molds.  Castings also naturally aerate the soil, retain high moisture levels, and release nutrients slowly over time to meet your plants needs.

Studies have also shown several types of pests and diseases being eliminated naturally using worm castings.  As an organic product, these benefits can all be achieved without fear of burning your plants or harming the environment. It’s safe to add as much worm castings as you like!  Soon we will be making a foliar compost tea and I mix in worm castings.  We also mix worm castings into the garden soil when we prepare our raised garden beds, when we plant the young tomato plants into the garden I throw a small scoop in the hole, and then just to give the tomato plants a boost, I will put worm castings around the stem on top of the soil.

You can learn all about worm castings from an interview I did with Jerry Schiller, a Worm Farmer in the San Angelo, Texas area.  It’s very interesting and I know you’ll want to start using worm castings.  Click on the hyperlink Worm Castings.  This will take you to Ramona’s Basil Garden where I have a full interview posted.

This week we are transplanting the young Roma Tomato Plants into quart sized pots and using worm castings…I hope you enjoy the video.

You can purchase Worm Castings from Ramona’s Basil Garden Gifts and have the castings shipped to you right away!

Next week we will be staking the Roma Tomato Plants and giving a foliar feeding.  You will need bamboo sticks cut approximately 16″ each, enough for all your Roma Tomato Plants; Medina Fish Blend and a spray bottle.

You can purchase Bamboo Stakes:


You can purchase Medina Fish Blend by clicking on the hyperlink or the picture.

Here’s to a new home and a delicious meal,
Ramona Werst
Your Backyard Genie