Week 4 – Feeding Roma Tomato Plants Medina Hasta Gro

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Our Young Roma Tomato Plants are really coming a long!  It’s so exciting each morning to check on the little plants to see how they made it through the night and when we lock up the chickens for the evening, I always say goodnight to my tomato plants and observe how much they’ve grown in just 1 day.

After transplanting the tomato plants last week and feeding a dose of Medina Fish Blend, this week we will be feeding Medina Hasta Gro.  In the first week, we planted the seeds in the seed starter tray and put some of the Medina Hasta Gro in the water to give our little seeds a boost in their germination time.

This also started them off to having good strong healthy roots just as it is designed to do.  We want to continue to give our little Roma Tomato plants good nutrition because just like little kids, they are burning lots of energy and need good nutrition to grow into healthy plants.  Later in the process we will mix up Medina Hasta Gro and use as a foliar spray.

Medina Hasta-Gro is really important for the seedling and plant root development. It will allow the plants to absorb more nutrients.

Three products in one: Contains high-quality N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) plant food plus Medina Soil Activator to stimulate biological activity. Hasta Gro stimulates beneficial organisms in the soil and converts nutrients into usable food for the plant. This amazing product also contains HuMate humic acid which improves the soil structure by improving nutrient uptake. Seaweed extracts are also blended to stimulate fruiting and blooming. The Humic Acid is like concentrated compost and helps build the quality and structure of the soil. It also improves moisture retention.

Hasta-Gro is ideal for foliar applications where nutrients are absorbed directly by the plant. Low-salt, low chemical formulation helps prevent leaf burn. Nitrogen is derived from clean urea sources and is complexed with humic acid. The Molasses provides a natural food source for the indigenous microbial populations in the soil.

Medina Hasta-Gro makes the soil come alive!

You can order Medina Hasta Gro, either by clicking the hyperlink or click on the picture:

12Hasta Gro Plant Quart

I had a very informative interview with Stuart, Jeremy and Andrew Franke, the owners of Medina Agriculture Products Company, Inc.  You can watch the interview and get to know the Franke family and how they love having a family owned business.   Click on the hyperlink Medina Interview.

Jeremy, Andrew Franke, Ramona Werst and Stuart Franke

We also talked about many of the Medina products in depth and there are short infomercials for each of the products as we add them to Ramona’s Basil Garden Gifts store. Backyard Genie will use the Medina Products exclusively and soon you will too. To find more information, the infomercials, and all about Medina Agriculture Products Company, Inc. just click on the tab ‘Products We Use‘  and keep watching as we update the products.

This week we are feeding our young little Roma Tomato Plants Medina Hasta Gro.  I mix 1 ounce of Medina Hasta Gro in with 1 gallon of water.  Pour this mixture into my aluminum tray filling approximately 1″.  The wicking technique will take care of delivering the Medina Hasta Gro to the roots of the plants, giving them delicious nutrition.

Next week, we will be transplanting the fast growing Roma Tomato plants into quart sized pots.  This will be the last time we transplant before planting into our prepared garden bed. Backyard Genie will be adding worm castings to the soil during the transplanting.

You will need quart sized pots and worm castings.  You can purchase Worm Castings from Ramona’s Basil Garden Gifts and have the castings shipped to you right away!

I know your Roma Tomato plants will also enjoy their delicious Medina Hasta Gro!

Loving my Medina garden products,
Ramona Werst, the Backyard Genie