Week 22 Harvesting Caro Rich Tomatoes with Recipe…

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There is a whole new set of blooms setting on all the different tomato varieties!

We’ve been enjoying a delicious tomato every day for at least 2 meals during the day.  I thought we would run out, but with the little Texas Cherry Tomatoes and Rainbow Bells, we have plenty to enjoy with our meals.  This week I have noticed new blooms on all of the tomato plants, and now we have little tomatoes!

Caro Rich 6 28 2014This week I have harvested the Caro Rich Tomato. I was so excited to slice into it and couldn’t wait to taste it.

The Caro Rich Tomato is a larger tomato, probably the size of a Beefsteak Tomato.  It’s an orange tomato with bright yellow-orange inside.  The flavor is out of this world with it’s sweetness.

It is so sweet and delicious, so I decided to use in my special BLT sandwich.

Check out this week’s short video…..


Special BLT Sandwich with Caro Rich Tomato

BLT with Caro Tomato


Thick Bacon (approximately 6 slices per sandwiches, cut in half)
Caro Rich Tomato (1) 1/4″ slice per sandwich (may vary, you may need 2 slices)
Romain Lettuce (1 large leaf to fit sandwich)
Avocado, sliced
Jalapeño Mayonnaise (seed and quarter fresh Jalapeños, add to a small food processor and puree.  Add mayonnaise until the flavor is to your liking)
2 slices Whole Wheat Bread per sandwich

To Assemble BLT:

Toast the Bread.  Spread Jalapeño Mayonnaise on both slices.  Layer the bacon, avocado, Caro Rich tomato, lettuce on 1 slice of the toast.  Place the other slice of toast on top and cut in half.


You will want to make sure that you feed your tomato plants some potassium…here’s the week to show you how:

Feeding Banana Peels
This weeks tomato updates:

Tomatillo Tomatoes

Tomatillo Tomatoes

Texas Wild Cherry Tomatoes

Texas Wild Cherry Tomatoes

Next week I hope to have enough little Texas Wild Cherry Tomatoes, for a tasty salad.

Ramona Werst,
Your Backyard Genie