Week 21 Harvesting Celebrity Tomatoes with Recipe…and a Visitor…

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Unwanted visitor to tomato garden

This week I harvested the Celebrity Tomatoes.  They are so naturally sweet and delicious, that I decided to offer a very simple recipe.

CelebrityCelebrity Tomatoes are probably one of the most common tomato varieties available.  They are so beautiful and sweet.

I would suggest if you are not growing your tomato plants from seed that you purchase Celebrity Tomato Plants at any of your nurseries, or hardware stores.  Sometimes you can even find the plants at your grocery store.

Our HEB (my favorite) has all kinds of plants; flowers, herbs, vegetables and lots of tomato plants.

Let me tell you about our unwanted visitor…

On the 4th of July, I was showing our friends, our beautiful tomato garden.  We noticed that a few of the tomato plants were missing all their leaves and just the stems were showing.  We knew some sort of bug was having a feast on the leaves.

Tomato WormAs we looked closer….and we had to look very close to see, there was a Horned Tomato Worm!  Startled, we both screamed and jumped!  They are really big and when you finally come across it, you really hope it can’t jump out at you.

I was so shocked, that the first 3 of these unwantedTomato Worm 2 visitors, we clipped right away and I threw them to my chickens forgetting to film or take a picture.

Then after calming down, we were on the hunt for just one more so I could film this horrible little guy and take a picture before my chickens enjoyed the delicious treat.

My theory is that the mother moth knows the big baby worm will eat an entire tomato plant so she lays just one egg on a plant and spaces out a few more eggs.  I found 1 worm at both ends of the garden, 1 in the middle and the last one on my smaller baby tomato plants in a different garden just a few steps away.

Most of the time you will want to hunt these worms in the evening, right before dark.  They tend to really camouflage themselves during the day under the leaves.  But if you are determined like I was to find every one of them, if you follow the eaten branch, you will see them just munching away at some leaves!

The good news is that they don’t eat the blooms or tomatoes.  And you can save the plant by just getting rid of the worm and the leaves will grow back.

After the excitement of the unwanted visitor, I took my Celebrity tomatoes inside to enjoy a delicious treat!

Here’s this weeks video, with Horned Tomato Worm and my poor tomato plants.


The recipe for this week using the Celebrity Tomatoes is really simple and allows the sweet flavors shine.

Sliced Celebrity Tomatoes

Sliced Celebrity

1 Celebrity Tomato
Kosher Salt

Slice the Celebrity Tomato in approximately 1/2″ slices.  Sprinkle with Kosher Salt, let sit for 5 minutes and serve.

I have started some Chocolate Striped Tomatoes, Texas Wild Cherry Tomatoes, and Texas Yellow Heart Tomatoes. Here’s the update on our remaining tomatoes:

Tomatillo Tomato

Tomatillo Tomato

Texas Wild Cherry Tomatoes

Texas Wild Cherry Tomatoes

Caro Rich Tomato

Caro Rich Tomato

Next week, I’ll be harvesting the Caro Rich Tomatoes and I have a delicious recipe too!

Ramona Werst
Your Backyard Genie