Week 16 Feeding Tomato Plants Potassium

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Growing good tomatoes

I’m so excited!  This week, the tomatoes are getting larger and larger.  They are absolutely beautiful!  It won’t be long before I will be sharing some delicious recipes.  If I can keep David from picking the tomatoes and eating them right in the garden!

Since the Tomato Plants are focusing on sending all the nutrients to the growing tomatoes, and still producing new blossoms, it’s important to give the tomato plants nutrients so they don’t have to search for the needed nutrients.

Splitting TomatoIt’s also important not to let the soil go dry.  You won’t be able to see what’s happening inside the tomato, but if not watered properly, the inside will dry up and when you slice into it you will be very disappointed.  Irregularly watered tomato crops are prone to cracking because the sudden excessive moisture makes the inside of the tomato expand, rupturing the outer skin. 

I don’t let my tomato plants show that they are needing a drink.  They don’t wilt.  In the heat of the day, they are still standing strong and their roots are getting a cool drink of water from the drip irrigation.  In the morning if the soil looks really wet from leaving the drip irrigation on all night, I will turn off  to let it soak in and then before the heat of the day, turn it back on.

The tomato plants are needing Potassium.  It’s like when our bodies get charlie horse cramps in our legs and we eat a banana, they go away.  Feeding the tomatoes and keeping the stems strong require potassium.  Potassium also enhances the tomato color and flavor.

It’s simple to feed your tomato plants Potassium.  I make a batch of banana bread for us, and save the peels for my plants!  Just puree the banana peels, mix in plenty of water and pour at the base of the tomato plant.  Keep your drip irrigation on, so the water will soak the soil and the roots will absorb the banana peel diluted mixture.

Here’s the video of feeding banana peels to the tomato plants.

Remember to pinch off bad leaves and trim sucker branches.  Let your tomato plants keep growing the main plant tall and you will notice lots of blooms.  I have very few leaves that are bad, and I don’t have any worms eating the leaves.

Here are how the tomatoes are looking this week:

Caro Rich Tomatoes

Celebrity Tomatoes

Gurney Girl Tomatoes

Gypsy Tomatoes

Rainbow Bell Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes

Texas Cherry Tomatoes

Next week I’ll be giving my tomato plants a sweet treat!

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