Week 15 Tomatoes are Growing, Time for another Foliar Spray

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The tomatoes are really getting big fast, and with the wonderful rain that we have received the past two days, the tomato plants are also growing fast.

360sprayer32-web_2With the tomatoes getting larger, it’s important to keep the leaves of the plant very healthy.  The leaves are important for the photosynthesis process.  With healthy green leaves, this will allow the sun to produce the largest and tastiest tomatoes.  Of course with all of our help in the nutrition department, they can’t help but be tasty.

I have found a new sprayer, the nozzle is bent upward so I don’t have to turn upside down to spray under the leaves.  I found this cool sprayer from Spray-n-Grow

I am using a mixture of Medina Fish Blend and water in the sprayer.  Just remember that Raccoons love this fish smell and will destroy your tomato plants if they have access to the garden area. Make sure your tomato plants are protected and fenced in.

You can watch the Backyard Genie using this cool new spray bottle tip to give all the tomato plants a Foliar Feeding.

Here’s an update of all the tomatoes this week:

Caro Rich Tomatoes

Texas Red Cherry Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes

Rainbow Bell Tomatoes

Gypsy Tomatoes

Gurney Girl Tomatoes

Celebrity Tomatoes

Next week we will give Potassium to the tomato plants.

Ramona Werst
Your Backyard Genie