Week 14 Summer Tomato Plant Varieties and Worm Casting Tea Party

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This week, we break off from the Fall Harvested Tomatoes.  All of the steps are the same to this point and their are only a couple of differences or added weeks to the Summer Harvested Tomatoes.  In the Fall, I will add the rest of the fall tomato harvest videos, but for now, we will continue with the summer harvest.

The main difference is that the fall harvested tomatoes had to be picked green and ripened on the dining room table because of the freezing weather.  And for my summer harvest tomatoes, I have added several different tomato varieties:  Celebrity Tomatoes, Gurney Girl II Tomatoes, Gypsy Tomatoes, Chocolate Stripe Tomatoes, Texas Heart Shaped Tomatoes, Texas Red Cherry Tomatoes, Rainbow Bell Tomatoes, and of course, Roma Tomatoes.

Already some of the tomato plants have tomatoes on them:

Celebrity Tomatoes

Texas Red Cherry Tomatoes

Rainbow Bell Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes

Since the tomato plants are producing tomatoes, they need to have extra nutrients delivered to them, so I have invited all my tomato plants to our Worm Casting Tea Party!

Here is the Worm Casting Compost Tea Recipe:

Worm Casting Tea Recipe

1 cup Worm Castings
5 Gallons Water


Place the worm castings in a bucket and add the water. Let it sit for 2 days or until the water is a stained color. Dip out the water and apply directly to your plant (can be used for any plant).

When the bucket is empty, you can keep adding water until the water won’t stain. Then swish the water around and pour in your garden. Your garden will still benefit from the worm castings.

Enjoy the video of the Backyard Genie having Worm Casting Tea with all the Summer Tomato Plants.

Next week, we’ll be giving the green leaves a boost with an underside foliar spray!

Ramona Werst,
Your Backyard Genie