Week 13 Feeding Banana Peels to the Roma Tomato Plants

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Are your Tomato Plants producing lots of tomatoes?  Boy mine are!

bananaNow is the time to really pump up the nutrients and right about now is the perfect time to feed your Tomato Plants a dose of potassium.

Do you eat bananas or make banana bread?  And what do you do with the banana peel?  Throw it out?  No more!  You need to save your banana peels. You can put them in a zip lock bag and freeze them.  When you’re ready to use them just take them out and thaw until ready.

Potassium will provide nutrients to help fight off diseases and will sweeten the taste of your tomato.  Aphids don’t like bananas, so this technique can keep the little critters away from your tomato plants.

I like to puree the banana peel food processor or blender, then mix the slurry in a big bucket of water.  Using a solo cup, I scoop out a cup and pour at the base of each tomato plant.  I do this in the morning and then water as usual in the afternoon.

Here is the video on feeding your Roma Tomato Plants those beneficial Banana Peels…..


Next week, I will be starting to film the rest of this series for the summer tomatoes. (So far these videos have been from my Fall tomatoes.  But because of the cold weather, I had to harvest when the tomatoes were green and let them ripen indoors.  I will post the rest of the Fall tomatoes later.)  I want you to see how I continue to feed and take care of the tomato plants into the summer for a beautiful summer harvest of vine ripened tomatoes.

Make sure you continue to pinch off bad leaves and keep the sucker branches trimmed.

Next week, we will have another (worm casting)tea party and you can see some of the other varieties of tomatoes I am currently growing.

You will need worm castings and water.  Don’t forget to send out the invitations so all of your tomato plants can put on their prettiest blooms!

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