Week 11 Foliar Spraying the Roma Tomato Plants

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The Roma Tomato Plants are growing so fast now, and they are all getting baby tomatoes!

As in week 6 when we sprayed the undersides of the leaves, it’s important to keep the leaves nourished while they are producing tomatoes.

sprayingPlants can take nourishment not only through their roots, but also through the pores or stomata on their leaf undersides.  Stomata are tiny mouths that breathe in CO2 and exhale water and oxygen.  By spraying nourishment on the underside of the leaves where the Stomata are, the Stomata can transport nutrients up to 10 times more efficiently than the root systems.  It’s like us taking a multi-vitamin.  This is meant to be a supplemental feeding and not the plant’s main source of nutrients. We take vitamins, but we also eat our food.

You will want to foliar spray your tomato plants in the evening in the cooler temperature.  The Stomata are opening up and taking in the CO2 at this time.  If you grow plants and you notice at night their leaves close or lift upward, they are allowing their undersides to be exposed to bring in the CO2.

In a spray bottle, mix water and Medina Liquid Fish Blend in a diluted strength.  1 ounce Liquid Fish Blend to 1 gallon water.  Using a fine mist spray the undersides of the leaves until the excess liquid drips off the leaves.

I have found a new spray bottle design by Spray-n-Grow Gardening.…  you can go to their website and check it out… it’s really a cool product!

Enjoy my video of Applying a Foliar Spray to the Roma Tomato Plants.

You can purchase Medina Fish Blend by clicking on the hyperlink or the picture.

Next week, we’ll be cutting off the sucker branches and feeding seaweed….


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