Week 10 Having Worm Casting Tea with Roma Tomato Plants and First Baby Tomatoes

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It’s (worm casting) Tea Time!

Did you send out your invitations to your Roma Tomato Plants to join you for Worm Casting Tea?  I know all of mine have RSVP’d and can’t wait until morning Tea.

First Tomato 10 8 2013Our Roma Tomato Plants are showing the first signs of baby tomatoes, so it’s important to keep the plants fed, just like an expectant momma needs extra nutrients.  It is also very important that you do not allow the soil to become dry.  If this happens, it will cause your tomatoes to dry out in the inside and they will be ruined.  Just keep the soil moist and in the heat of the day, I always turn on my irrigation drip system to give them a cool drink.

You can watch the benefits of Worm Castings with Jerry Schiller at Ramona’s Basil Garden.

Here is the Worm Casting Compost Tea Recipe:

Worm Casting Tea Recipe

1 cup Worm Castings
5 Gallons Water


Place the worm castings in a bucket and add the water. Let it sit for 2 days or until the water is a stained color. Dip out the water and apply directly to your plant (can be used for any plant).

When the bucket is empty, you can keep adding water until the water won’t stain. Then swish the water around and pour in your garden. Your garden will still benefit from the worm castings.

Enjoy the video of the Backyard Genie having Worm Casting Tea with all the Roma Tomato Plants.

Next week we will be giving our Roma Tomatoes a foliar spray.  You will need Medina Liquid Fish Blend and a spray bottle.
You can purchase Medina Fish Blend by clicking on the hyperlink or the picture.