Preparing Tomatoes for the Fall Weather

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Protecting Tomatoes from some cooler nights…

sucker branchMy tomato plants are like children.  I’ve grown them from seed, taken care of them in the seed trays, transplanted into little pots, planted them into their raised garden bed, trimmed them, fed them and have been rewarded with a full harvest from all the different varieties all summer long.  It’s been great so far, but we all know colder weather is on the way.

It’s getting cooler as fall approaches, and the Tomato Plants are all still blooming (at least here in South Texas) and producing tomatoes.  The days are sunny and warm, but the nights are getting colder.  You can harvest green tomatoes and ripen inside, but I really want to extend their time on the plant, to produce the sweetest vine ripened tomato I can.

Hoops over the tomatoes for the cold 10 15 2013So how can we extend the growing time for the Tomato Plants?  We can create an inexpensive greenhouse over the Tomato Garden.

First we need to build a frame.  All you will need as far as supplies are: Electrical Conduit holders (large enough to hold the PVC pipe), screws, and 10′ PVC pipes (enough to create the frame over the entire tomato garden).

Watch the video and I’ll explain how to put it all together.

Next I will show you how to add plastic to create the Tomato Greenhouse.

Preparing my Tomato Plants for the Fall,
Ramona Werst
Your Backyard Genie