How to Ripen Green Tomatoes

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It’s getting too cold for my tomato plants and I still have lots of green tomatoes!

I’ve left all my tomatoes on the plants, covered them with my homemade plastic greenhouse, and even added a little heater.  But the weather is turning too cold to keep the tomatoes healthy.

Batch 2So what can you do?

Pick them and bring them inside to ripen!  Then you can chop them up and freeze them.

You want to make sure that you pick them before a frost gets to them. Otherwise they will freeze inside and won’t work.

I use my dining room table as long as I don’t have company joining us for a few weeks.

Riping Tomatoes on TableLayout dry towels.  Don’t wash the tomatoes, but pick out any that have bad spots on them.  I feed these to my chickens.

Lay the tomatoes on top of the towels making sure they are in a single layer.

Check every few days and pick out the tomatoes that are turning orange, but not fully ripened.  These I put on my counter top until they ripen.  This way I don’t miss them and they over ripen.

Once they ripen, I dice them up right away and place in a ziplock bag and put in the freezer.  I add to this bag until it’s full.

Enjoy the video of me picking all the green tomatoes from my Tomato Garden…

This is all you have to do to grow delicious homegrown tomatoes for all of your recipes.  They are so delicious to eat fresh and once you grow them yourself, it’s so hard to eat a grocery store bought tomato again.

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Ramona Werst,
Your Backyard Genie