Delicious Roma Tomatoes

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Whether it’s spring or even in early fall here in south Texas, you can plant delicious Roma Tomatoes.  The Backyard Genie will show you how to do it all step-by-step from planting the seeds, transplanting into the garden, pruning for healthy plants, feeding, harvesting and delicious recipes for your harvested Tomatoes.

Did we say step-by-step?  Yep to that.

In many of the videos, I started the seeds in the fall and harvested in December.  In the most recent videos it was the other ‘season’ around.  You can start your seeds the same way in February for an early summer harvest.  You can follow along with the Backyard Genie each week either by hovering over the tab at the top of this page and a drop down menu will appear with the different weeks.  Or at the bottom of this page, you can click on the hyperlink for the week that you are wanting.

Don’t forget at the end of the season, when we harvest the beautiful Roma Tomatoes, I will share a couple of delicious recipes you can try with your Roma Tomatoes.

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Week 1 Planting the Roma Tomato Seeds

Week 2 True Leaves 

Week 3 Transplanting and Feeding

Week 4 Feeding Medina Hasta Gro

Week 5 Transplanting and Worm Castings 

Week 6 Staking and Foliar Spray

Week 7 Feeding Bloodmeal and Building a Raised Garden Bed 

Week 8 Transplanting into the Raised Garden Bed

Week 9 Trimming Tomato Plants 

Week 10 Having a Worm Casting Tea Party

Week 11 Foliar Spraying the Tomato Plants

Week 12 No More Sucker Branches 

Week 13 You Act Like a Monkey

Week 14 New Summer Varieties and Another Worm Casting Tea Party 

Week 15 Tomatoes are Growing, Time for another Foliar Spray

Week 16 We Need Potassium

Week 17 A Sweet Treat

Week 18 Harvesting Texas Cherry and Rainbow Bell Tomatoes with a delicious Recipe

Week 19 Harvesting Roma Tomatoes with Recipes

Week 20 Harvesting Gypsy Tomatoes with Recipe

Week 21 Harvesting Celebrity Tomatoes with Recipe and an unwanted Visitor

Week 22 Harvesting Caro Rich Tomatoes with Recipe

Week 23 Harvesting Tomatillo Tomatoes with Recipe

Week 24 Harvesting Texas Wild Cherry Tomatoes

Fall How to Extend Your Tomato Season 

Preparing Your Tomatoes for the Fall Weather

Covering the Hoops for our Fall Tomato Garden with Plastic

Preparing Tomatoes for the Freeze

How to Ripen Green Tomatoes