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Backyard Genie gardening tips…

Since reading the book Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholmew, we here at the Backyard Genie have totally changed the way we look at gardening in general and have totally embraced the Square Foot Gardening method.  It’s a very good method of gardening for a great many people and older folks especially should take a good look at this way of growing flowers, herbs, or veggies.

Our garden region is just on the edge of South Texas (Region 8).  Now you have to understand that the term South Texas takes in an area 300 to 400 miles long and probably encompasses several regions.  In far south Texas, commercial growers have citrus crops.  In our area, we harvested Roma tomatoes on December 5.  So the region is big and winter comes a little later here than some other places.

The square foot garden method begins with a 4×4 foot raised bed garden built out of 2×6’s or 2×8’s filled with equal parts of blended compost, coarse vermiculite, and peat moss.  That’s it.  Mix all components equally by volume and you are done with the soil mix.  It’s called Mel’s Mix and it was invented by Mel Bartholomew.  Some select garden centers carry the individual components and at least one major nursery supply carries the soil mixed and ready to use right out of one bag.  Add some 1’x1′ grids out of slats and plant away.  I added some landscape fabric or weed barrier on the bottom of the 4×4 foot bed and there has been zero weeding and watering is also kept to a minimum.

BackYardGenie_ToolsV2.WebAs for tools, the only tools we used was a set of Backyard Genie 3 Piece Garden Tools.  The square foot gardens can be almost any combination or configuration.  In fact, our first bed was a 4’x16′ bed for Roma tomatoes.  This entire bed or 70 plants was planted only using the garden tools mentioned.  that is because the soil is not compacted, planting is easy, and the nutrition for the plants is readily available in the mixture.

We now have the 4’x16′ raised bed, a couple of 4’x4′ beds, and two 2’x8′ beds.  All are planted with winter crops as we speak, but will be easily adapted to spring and summer veggies when the seasons change.  Again….no weeding and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

The maintenance is low because the SFG method is so easy and the planting is done using the sturdy, easy to hold garden tools by Backyard Genie.

We wish you happy gardening and hope you take a look at the Square Foot Gardening method.

That’s our big gardening tip of this post.  Hope it has been of value to you.
The Backyard Genie

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