Backyard Genie uses only Medina Agricultural Products and you will too!

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Wow, what a find!  The Backyard Genie has researched and found the best products on the market…

The Backyard Genie not only researches, but uses the products in our own gardens before we endorse them.  We are here to say that all of the Medina Agricultural Products are truly worth you taking a closer look at.

Ramona Werst, the Backyard Genie, has been using Medina Hasta Gro for over a year and can say what a difference it has made in our plant’s health, beauty and taste of the delicious fruits and vegetables we grow.

My next step was to go out and meet the owners, Stuart, Jeremy, and Andrew Franke.  After getting to know the family and touring the manufacturing plant of Medina Agricultural, we were really impressed.  The integrity of the family’s beliefs and our own testing and practical experience has really proven itself.

The idea for Medina started back in 1962 when Arthur Franke met James Martin at the Frontier Cafe in Hondo, Texas and they planned to make some of Mr. Martin’s catalyst that stimulated microbes to use on Mr. Franke’s farmland.

His farmland had become so compacted that his Farmall H tractor could no longer plow his fields properly. After the application of some of Mr. Martin’s soil catalyst that stimulated microbes in the soil,  the soil was soft under his feet and the Medina Company was created.  

Microbes, the invisible caretakers of all crops, are the key to healthy, profitable plant production.  The catalyst is now known as Medina soil activator and was the start of many more products that benefit large commercial farmers as well as backyard gardeners.

Biological activity is the life of the soil.  Microorganisms are like an army of workers in the soil, feeding the plant, protecting it from disease and maintaining the health and structure of the soil.  The ability of soil to support and sustain plant life is in direct proportion to the abundance and vigor of microorganisms.

Jeremy, Andrew Franke, Ramona Werst and Stuart Franke

Backyard Genie will introduce you to the Medina Products and if you can’t find them at your local nursery, you can order them from Ramona’s Basil Garden Gifts store.  To learn more about each of the products, either click on the hyperlink at the end of this article, or hover over the ‘Products We Use‘ tab and a drop down menu will show all of the products.

In this video, Ramona Werst, talks with owners Stuart, Jeremy and Andrew Franke.  I think you’ll enjoy getting to know the folks that bring you the best gardening products available.


Medina HastaGro
Liquid Fish Blend (coming soon)
Medina Soil Activator (coming soon)
Growin Green Fertilizer (coming soon)
HastaGro Lawn (coming soon)
Beneficial Microbes (coming soon)
Medina Micronutrients (coming soon)
Orange Oil (coming soon)
Compost Starter (coming soon)