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Backyard Genie™ brand 3-Piece Garden Tool Set

It’s been a long time coming, but Backyard Genie™ now has one of the best garden tool sets on the market as part of our product line.  We started the testing process with different garden tool sets over a year ago and after seeing what was available at the ‘big box‘ stores, we decided to set our own specifications and work directly with a manufacturer.  We came up with a unique set of garden hand tools that work make great gifts for mom or to start off your Spring Garden and work hard for you all year long.

This garden tool set is attractively packaged and you would be proud to give them as a gift for mom or any family member or gardening friend.  Ramona is pictured with a boxed set of the 3-piece garden tool set and the set is the only tools she used to grow a huge 4’x16’ bed of Roma tomatoes behind her.  The tomatoes are still going strong here in mid south Texas even though we are well into November.

Included in the boxed set is a large heavy duty trowel, a narrower transplanter tool, and a hand rake.  These tools are top of the line products that not only look good, but they also should last even the most avid gardener through many seasons of work.

The ergonomically designed grips have small ribs that have some cushioning ‘give‘ to them. This is important for women and children with smaller hands and older folks with arthritic hands.  This is one area where these garden tools shine.  The rubberized grip is easy on the hands, but you can tell the moment you pick them up they are ready for some heavy duty-every day use in your garden.  Another place this garden tool set sets the standard is in our Square Foot Gardening area.  We have really embraced the Square Foot Garden Method started by Mel Bartholomew and these are really the only tools we use.  That included the huge 4’x16′ tomato bed.   We used the rake to smooth out the soil mixture and compost blend, the transplanter to place our smaller plants, and the trowel in the same manner.

All three planting tools performed beautifully.

We have all read about products that claim to be good and you can buy this one with confidence because it is good.  It’s not the cheapest gardening tool, but we have to say the quality and durability of the Backyard Genie Garden Tools is there.

That is what we have started doing more and more these days, buying for quality and durability.  When we find a product that looks good, feels good, and lasts a long time…..then that product usually finds a home with us.

Click on the link to give our Backyard Genie 3 Piece Garden Tool Set a try.  Or you can click on the tab on the blog.

You will love them and yes, they are guaranteed!

I’m Ramona Werst
Your Backyard Genie

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